Sunday, April 18, 2010


heart breaks heal slowly and hurt a ton. Even the ones after fights that you know you will be past in a few days. It feels like a few days takes forever. Please pass more quickly.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Frustration with Journalism

On campus we have a journalism club and class. Every so often they print and distribute a school paper that is supposed to represent all things on campus. The problem is that what actually gets covered is a whole lot of sports and other highly important things like Ugly Sweater Day and Prom. It is frustrating that when we have just produced the biggest show at Vanden in 8 years, barely anything. The other problem is that which was said about the show, was wrong.

Today the paper came out and stated that Annie, the show I slaved over for 3 really really long months, was actually directed by Tabitha Angier, my stage manager. Also the band teacher directed an orchestra pit that was was same size as my cast. Orchestra: 15 musicians (3 hired professionals), Cast: 31 are those the same size?

Ultimately I know that these are small errors but after an article in the last paper that was SO bad it looked like a small small child wrote it, these small errors are even more upsetting.

When I went to speak with the journalism teacher about these things all she said was, "They are kids." Well I know they are just kids but I was able to take my 31 students and put together a huge musical. Why can't she take her 30 kids and put together an accurate edited paper? If there are kids set up to edit and check facts, why aren't they being checked?

I am angry.