Sunday, May 17, 2015

Instead of Grading

Theoretically I should have gotten up and started grading.  There is simply too much to get done and not enough time to accomplish everything.  So what did I do instead?

  • I slept late into the morning.  It was fantastic.  Between the end of the school year stress and seasonal allergies, I have been a hot mess.  I felt so ill on Friday that I took the day off and slept for over 12 hours straight.  [I also completed some grading so the day wasn't complete leisure.
  • I made bacon and coffee.  Oh I love coffee.  If I wasn't concerned about being a good wifey I would drink the entire pot of coffee every day.  I share.  At least a little bit.
  • I ordered concert tickets for my mother and me.  That is going to be one long, hot, awesome day.  Country in the Park 2015.
  • I watched the SF Giants baseball game.  Well it is currently only in the 3rd because of a rain delay but I am watching.
  • I cleaned a few things.
That is all.  I have done nothing productive when it comes to school.  I have not even gotten dressed or really gone outside [unless you count the three minutes I sat out there with the animals in my pajamas].

I love mornings such as these.  The lazy Sunday morning.  The morning to sleep in late with my husband and animals.  Snuggled up and not caring that the rest of the world is actually accomplishing out and about in the world.

I love Sunday mornings.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Teaching High School

The end of another school year is swiftly approaching.  In 11 short days I will be released for summer break.  I need it this year.  It has been difficult.  Students are trying and administration is pressuring.  I have never ceased to be amazed by the difference in I feel on day one and how I feel now.  180 days of 160 different teenagers in class and another myriad in the halls, makes for a very long school year.  I am fairly positive I look like this everyday:

I have even taken to getting up at my alarm and then setting a timer as I fall back asleep on the couch.  I absolutely love the literature I get to teach and the students I touch, but dude, I need a nap.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Almost two whole years later...

It never ceases to amaze me just how much life can change in such a short period of time.  It feels as though hardly any time has passed, yet my entire world is completely different now.  

Let's recap the biggest and most recent highlights:

  • I now work at Inderkum High School in Natomas Unified School District
    • I currently teach English 10 College Prep and English 10 Scholars.  Next year I will have English 10 Scholars and English 12 IBDP.
    • It is true.  6 December 2014 I married the love of my life, Jt. See:

We had a beautiful wedding at Old Sugar Mill.  Everything was simply beautiful.
  • We rescued a dog.  His name is Divot and he is a boxador.  I am not exaggerating when I say he is beyond nuts.
    • We moved into a house to allow our boxador space to be a psycho.  See:


Summer is almost here and I am beyond excited to be out for the school year.  I love teaching but honestly by this point in the year, the behavior simply wears on your soul.  Here is to finishing out strong and beginning to blog again.  


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Unemployed and Making Big Decisions

Strange things happen when you become unemployed.  First and foremost, you are immediately inundated with bills that come out of nowhere, people wanting you to sin-up/register for a million different things and of course there is no money to even cover the normal stuff so you are just stuck.  

I believe the premise that "people who are unemployed are lazy" is by and large a crock.  I haven't stopped moving the entire month and a half that I have been out of work.  And yet at the same time I don't really feel as those I have been getting much done really.  Somewhat depressing honestly, to think you are headed in the right direction and yet so swiftly be kicked off course through no fault of your own.  What a mess.

So now there are a lot of big decisions that need to be made.  But mainly you really just need to figure out, Where are we going?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside

No. Seriously.  It is cold.  I realize that I live in California and anybody from anywhere east of Nevada is just shaking their head and laughing at me but the fact that it is 3:18 and the current temperature is 48 degrees...that is bad.  I mean they are honestly predicting snow on Saturday.  It doesn't snow here!!  And the worst part about the whole thing is that I have to run a marathon on Sunday.  HA!  

But of course this would be the weather for my 2nd marathon.  I mean the weather for the first was a monsoon (last year, same marathon: so much rain the streets were literally flooding).  My luck is just really fortunate in this manner.

Could you imagine if it was actually snowing as we were running in?  How awful would that be?!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When There is just Too Much Time

I never really thought there would be too much time.  I mean seriously?  Who ever has enough time for anything?  When I was in college, it wasn't enough time for studying before a test.  Grade school was more time needed for lesson planning and thesis writing.  As I became a high school teacher and theatre advisor, there was never enough time for show productions or grading English papers.

And now...

Now I just have time.  Endless amounts of time to stew inside my head and, think.

It has been Almost a Year

I know.  I am a bit of a loser.  I have not really written anything for about a year.  But then it happened.  Yesterday I began to write again.  I wrote an entire children's story.  It is only a draft but I think I like it.  I LOVE the characters.  I need to fix an awkward part in the story but it will get there.

My life right now is a bit...interesting.  I took a big chance at the end of last school year.  I left my full time teaching career and took a position at a private industry job.  Flash forward five months.  I am unemployed.  Awesome.  

The world has a way of throwing you a curve ball when you least expect.  I made decisions about my life based on the best information I had at the time.  It has landed me in a place that is scary and causes anxiety.  What is going to happen?  Who knows.  My brain hurts just from thinking about it, and I have been thinking about it, a lot, for the past month.  What do you do know?  UGH.

Have you ever left completely lost and unsure about all things around you? My life is this spinning in a direction I never would have guessed.  

Now we wait.