Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Been A While

Wow.  I haven't written in over a year.  So much has changed.  I have been busy for a very long time.  I will attempt to not be too verbose.

Biggest change:
My little sister is a warrior.  This year she has seen more hardship and obstacles.  She has been diagnosed with her third type of cancer.  Since the diagnoses she has been through chemo, her tumor metastasized three times its original size, her right leg was amputated and now she has to go back in for 18 more weeks of chemo.

I don't know how she does it.  I would be beyond terrified.  She is a wonderful person and is in my prayers daily.

Biggest Accomplishment:
I ran my first marathon.  In the middle of a hurricane practically.  It was the hardest thing I have done in a very long time.  I haven't been able to run since.  It was Dec. 2nd.  It took me 5 hours and 49 minutes.  The rain was so bad at points that my waterproof jacket was filling up with water instead of repelling the rain.  Some intersections were so flooded that I was running through calf deep water.

It was so hard but dude.  I. Ran. 26.2. MILES!  Dude! I bet I could do it better if it wasn't a torrential downpour.

Things have been going well, but it is a hard time at the school.  This year we have 2 new administrators.  It is getting difficult.  Things are changing.  Some for the good...some not so much.  It is an interesting ride.

Jt and I are doing great.  The 6 year mark is here in about a week or so.  I am so in love with him.  He is fabulous.  For christmas he bought be a keurig and a pair of the prettiest diamond earrings.  He is my favorite thing in the entire world.

Although a year has passed.  It has been a beautiful year and I am blessed to have more.  A rollercoaster of a year.  Hello 2013, let's get cozy.