Monday, February 1, 2016

Escaping My World

Some days feel an eternity long.  Some mornings appear to pass in the blink of an eye.  This morning I arrived to work about the same time as always.  I began to prep for class and the next thing I realized it was almost time for my first group of students to walk in and I was no where near ready for them.

I don't know how some days seem to drag on forever while others pass in a moment.  The things I find most disconcerting is when the day begins in a whirlwind and then slows down a couple hours later, to pass at the slowest rate possible.  The mysteries of time will probably forever vex my mind.

Yet while I am dwelling and seemingly inconsistency of the time space continuum, I am left to day dream about escaping the worlds that being me warmth and comfort.  I long to sit and absorb myself in another's problems and issues.  I want to escape that which is around me always and delve into the unknown.

Is there a way I could simply stay home and read books all day every day?  Will somebody pay me to do this?  or really simply pay my student loans while I read?  Either way I desire to escape the mundane and live in a world of fiction.

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