Saturday, October 3, 2009

Working out

So one of things that I have been doing lately is working out. I used to work out every day when I was in college. It always made me feel great and I loved the adrenaline in my system. I have started a new system where I am working out everyday. Some days are a whole lot harder than others. I started a new running program that I am doing just about every other day. I cannot do it every day because it is intense and there has to be a "rest" day between sessions. During my rest day yesterday I decided to do an ab routine. This was really hard. I did "Abs of Steel". Let me tell you. If I am dedicated enough to do this on a regular basis I am pretty sure I really will have abs of steel. The title does not lie. I was really really sore last night and then this morning I thought I was going to die if I had to move my back in the slightest. After today's run I am feeling a lot better. I really like working out. I hope that if I keep this up and seriously stay dedicated to it I will be able to lose some weight, inches and regret.

I know that this is something that I can do and I am hoping that I continue telling myself that every day. Day 3 went well. Despite the fact that I wanted my run to do itself I got out there and I am really glad I did. I feel great.