Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little Reminders

Have you ever had those experiences where they remind you off all that is good in your life, and then you say a little prayer of thanks, which you should have been doing the entire time? I know that was a very convoluted sentence, but do you know what I mean? Well, today was one of those days for me.

My cousin Courtney got into a car accident (she was just a passenger) that resulted in a serious knee injury. She has now had three surgeries trying to fix the issue. One of these surgeries was about 2 days ago. In this attempt they cut her bone and moved it over, cut muscles to tighten things up and remove any debris from scar tissue. Ouch. Oh, and did I mention that her 18th birthday was just 2 days before this said surgery?

Today I went to see her.

We needed to remove a needle catheter she had in her knee, dispensing drugs directly into the surgery site, clean this incision and redress the wound. As I helped my aunt through this process, I was removing bandages and holding Courtney's hand. The anguish that wracked her body was immediately evident through the tears, sobs and tightening grip. As I helped her through these moments I instantly recalled the same pain as I endured a similar surgery a few years ago. In that moment I was so empathetic and thankful in the same instance.

I understand the pain and I wanted to take it from her so she could be releaved; yet, I was thankful that my body functioned in the manner it was intended. It was a strange understanding and recognition. It was like the Lord reminded me just how good I do have it and far I have come.

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