Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Saturday

It totally amazes me the attitude of students today. I had a incident yesterday with a freshman girl who thought it was ok for her to make the rules and decide when she gets to leave class. After I had already told the students that they needed to stay, she felt that these rules clearly did not apply to her and therefore she would not have to listen to them. When I then made her stay after to talk to me she proceeded to tell me that I don't get to decide when she can or cannot leave class because the bell had rung and that means she can clearly leave. Problem being that the bell did not ring at the apprproate time and therefore she was not allowed to leave. She didn't want to listen to this though. I have come to the conclusion that the freshman class is in a serious need of some reality check and attitude adjustment. I mean seriously. If I had ever spoken to my teacher like these students speak to me, my mama would have slapped me well into next week.

On and entirely different note but somewhat related, I am sitting here "babysitting" for Saturday School. Yes it is true. 4 straight hours of sitting in a silent library because students cannot seem to get themselves to class on time. Most of the students that are here in trouble are here because of being tardy too many times to class. As we were walking in this morning I overheard a students say, "this is completely stupid. Why do I have to get in trouble for being late to class." My reply was, "Because you would also get in trouble for being late to work." At this the student just got snarky like usual. It completely amazes me how they will sit here giving me grief and I was not the person that made them late, or caught them cheating on a test, or told them to take out their phones (prohibited on school grounds) or whatever else they did to land themselves here. I just happen to be the person that is governing over Saturday School and is enforcing the rules thereof. One boy even got up and left becuase he refused to take off his hood. I mean seriously?!? It is a hood. I don't like people wearing them in doors. It just how it is. Deal with it. My "partner in crime" today, football's Caoch Haynes, looked right at the kid and said either you follow Miss Hansen's directions or you leave and get additional SS. He got up and left. Idiot. Should have just taken off the hood and been done with it.

Th behavior of students never ceases to amaze me.

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