Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teaching High School

Overall my job is not one that I would say I LOVE. It is hard to love a job that gives you SO much crap and very little reward. The other thing that makes it difficult to enjoy is the fact that what little reward there is, it not tangible in the slightest. It is not like getting a bonus for a job well done or receiving a car for making a sales quota. The reward I get it knowing that I have changed a life for the better. The problem is that very rarely do you ever know if this is true or not. But alas, I am supposed to accept this and continue working a TON for very little pay.

Although this is completely true (and it is, honestly). There are some days that I really do enjoy what I do and take pride in knowing I have alleviated fears and increased joy, even if it just for a little bit of time. Today my students were supposed to perform their puppet theatre plays. I was absent yesterday (a well deserved day off trying to put myself back together after all the recent turmoil...didn't work too well) and the students had a sub. When I came to work today I knew that the students would be frazzled and not ready to perform. I offered 2 more days to work in class as long as EVERYBODY was working. So far this has worked well. We will see how the next 2 classes go but I have a feeling students will jump on the chance to postpone the performance date. A brief bit of joy magically bestowed through my generosity.

It is days like today where I really do enjoy my job. I wish everyday could be a day like today.

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