Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Agonizing through Teacher Professional Development

I know every career has professional development and trainings.  I don't particularly know how often others need to attend trainings but I am fairly positive it isn't every few months.  I am constantly in training as a teacher.  Today is the fifth professional development I have attended since August.  That is more than one PD a month.  If I only teach about 20 days a month missing one to two days is very significant.


Isn't is better for the students to be in class with their trained and certified teachers?  Wouldn't students learn more if they were given more instructional minutes instead of less?

Beyond the 5 days of training, students have also tested a total of 7 other days.  Meaning, about half a month, so far this year, has been sacrificed and stolen from the students and their understanding.  Why is this ok?

According to a recent tweet from President Obama, testing needs to be reduced and eliminated when not appropriate for true assessment.   Students should be in the classroom and they should have educated teachers there to instruct and engage students.  

I am passionate about the education of my students.  I find I am more concerned about their education than the students.  It is painful to be a teacher.  I just want to be in my classroom and teach my students.

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