Monday, November 16, 2015

The Thing about Teaching...

Everybody thinks they can do my job.  Everybody thinks since there is so much scheduled time off, my job must be easy.  The things is not.  It isn't easy.  And chances are you could not do it, unless you too have been trained in education.

Just because most everybody has gone to school and been in a classroom at some point does not qualify most everybody to be a teacher.  I have been in a variety of court houses but I don't claim to know how to be a judge or lawyer.  I have been in a myriad of hospitals but I would never consider myself capable of being a doctor or nurse.  I have even experienced six different surgeries.  I guarantee I cannot be a surgeon.

So why is it that everyone believes they are capable of being a teacher?

My job is hard.  I am tired.  I am sorry you think you could do it better but I doubt it and I also doubt your would survive 180 days with over 200 teenagers every day.  It is simply hard.

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