Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blind Date take 2

Okay so because I freaked out about the last one I told myself I at least had to go on the next I did. I had a blind date tonight. Now when I first walk in there are a few things I notice:

  • A. He doesn't understand the whole "Marco" "polo" know when you are looking for someone and you say "Marco" and they are supposed to reply with "polo"... well when I texted with the "Marco" I got nothing...seriously lame!

  • 2. He was not completely unfortunate looking but seriously not attractive either. I am honestly not trying to be mean but seriously folks...check out the picture (I know he is looking down but you get the idea)

  • D. He was an awful conversationalist! I mean he went on for over 20 minutes about various linguistic things...I don't care! about something more interesting maybe!

  • LASTLY: Here is the real catcher! He asked if my parents were still together (yes) and proceeded to say "wow that is really strange" (ok divorce is a growing epidemic that is fine) "Divorce is a growing wave in my country all because woman have more choices now and can make more decisions." (wait...WHAT?!? Are you seriously blaming divorce on women?) "It is always going to happen because people grow differently." (yes that is why you want to wait and find somebody that grows with you so you can grow together) "That is not possible because everybody is different. You will never find anybody that will grow with you."

So in the nutshell that was my date. It sucked...badly. I walked out of there yawning from boredom (and because he didn't want to meet til really late) and offended by his views of women and marriage...ugh. dating sucks.

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Kristen said...

I really am SOOO happy you took the picture! It is really worth a thousand words!