Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So I am back from Europe and I have been home for almost a week. I like being home because I tend to miss my fuzzies, my bed, and my best friend.

Since I have been back a lot has happened: I am still unemployed and have recieved the official letter now (and it is not even pink!), I have been trying to increase my hours at job 2 to try and figure something out while applying at a million real jobs and hearing nothing, my computer is currently broken so I have to go elsewhere to do anything, I have been given the opportunity to golf a few times already, my debit card information got stolen and then maxed out, I washed and vaccumed my car, my best friend/ex is going on a date with a member of the skank squad (I am just hoping he doesn't get sucked in and become one of their spawns), OH YEAH and I am now homeless....fantastic day.

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