Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My dog is dying. There is really no other way to look at it. It is hard and painful. I have already shed so many tears and you better believe that there are a million more to come. I love her so much. She is my baby.

I have had Reeses for her entire life. If she makes it to August (not looking good) she will be 15 years old. That is 105. It is hard to believe that I have had her for so very long. She is the one individual that has loved me unconditionally. Never left or betrayed me. Stayed when I was sick or upset. Chased away the demons or the attacking siblings.

She has been the best shadow a girl could ask for.

Everybody love this dog. When we went to the vet today they were even saying that she is the type of dog that you just want to clone and keep forever. I wish I could keep her forever.

Yesterday when I got home she was asleep upstairs. She woke to find me kneeling in front of her. That is her favorite sight. I took her down stairs to go outside but her back legs just wouldn't work. She was clumsy and falling over. She wobbled a lot and drug her hind legs down the stairs. When she went outside to pee she couldn't squat. Her back legs just wouldn't hold her.

The vet said that it could be a couple different options:

1. arthritis and dysplasia: pretty much her hip sockets have developed bone spurs and it makes it hard for her to walk. Anti-inflammatories will help.

2. degenerative myelopathy: a degeneration of the spine that causes wobbly weak hind legs and eventually leads to paralysis. There is no treatment.

The vet said that based on how wobbly she is they think it is probably number 2 (although she would still be very shocked if she didn't have arthritis too) and there is nothing they can do at this point. We ran some blood labs on her and going to try the anti inflamatories to see if that helps at all. The prognosis is dim.

I love this dog more than I love most other people and things. She has been with me forever and I wish that forever could last a bit longer.

I know that I am being selfish about this and that she has had a wonderful long glorious life. She will forever be with me. I love her so much.

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