Sunday, March 29, 2009

a HUGE step backwards

Every Sunday I read the postsecret website. On my computer I have actually created a folder of all the secrets that mean something to me in one form or another. It is interesting becuase if it touches me when I read the secret I will save it. Some of the secrets that I have saved so not mean as much to me now as I am guessing they once did. (As a side note, my big fat slinky grey cat, T0-mas, has just crawled into my lap and started purring making it infinitely harder to type.) While i was reading this weeks secrets I came accross this one:

As I read this picture it was obvious to me that in fact, none of my students would ever write something like this. My students seem to be on a completely different level. Then I started thinking about how I was as a student and I realized that I would never have to write something like because I was a really good student when I was in school. I could never even imagine talking to teachers in the same manner that these students talk to the teachers at school. It appals me the difference only a decade can make in society and the values we hold as individuals. It will never cease to amaze me that sometimes there are really big things done badly. I believe that one of those things is the way in which today's kids are allowed to treat adults. If I ever talked to an adult the way I get talked to now my mom would have slapped me so quickly. A decade is not a very long time but it makes a massive difference in so many ways.

Here is another postcard that was posted quite a while ago that I really enjoyed. I hope that some day the ideals that were once seen as common place, return for the benefit of all.

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Kristen said...

When I saw the new teacher one they posted I thought of you! My next thought was "that model never taught a day in her life...I sure never had a teacher who looked like that!"