Friday, March 27, 2009

Take it to the Matresses

So I called Richard out today. He is the main student that is really just making my life difficult. I told him that there is nothing I can do to prevent him from talking crap; however, if he is going to do it he might want to get his facts straight. First off, I have participated and performed in a variety of theatre settings. I have done community theatre, school theatre, professional theatre and private theatre. I have run the gamet when it comes to participating in a variety of theatre groups. Secondly, I do actually have a degree in the field I am teaching. This means that the University of California, Santa Barbara gave me a bachelor of arts in Dramatic Arts with an emphasis in Directing. This is not a minor. This is not merely participating in a few volunteer groups. I actually went through the entire course of study and passed my classes with grades that were high enough that I did not get kicked out of this extremely intense conservatory setting. By doing so, the bestowed a BA on me in a field that I am now teaching. Therefore, yes, I am qualified to be teaching this subject. Third, I have been participating in theatre since I was in the 4th grade, and since I am a bit older than you, I have been doing it for longer. Also, YOU are not more qualified than I am to be a director. Actually quite the contrary. You do not understand the magnitude of which the directing field emcompasses and you don't even know how to hold an audition let alone complete and entire show.

Now let me clarify a couple of things. Just because the above mentioned paragraph clearly shows that I am more accurately equiped to do my job than you are, does not mean that there is not room for learning and improvement. I thrive on the idea that I can continue to learn new techniques and become a better individual both in the classroom as well as on the stage. All I am saying is...

I did not rack up more than $130,000 in student loan debt to be treated this way by a 12 year old.

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Kristen said...

How did he take that? What he really deserved was a slap in the face, the way he has been behaving!

It is such a waste for some of your students to behave the way they do. Not that I was always well behaved in High School. But I didn't ever lie about my teachers - tho I may have lied too a few of them :)