Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Mystery Within

So a little over a week ago on the 15th of July, I was at work. I excused myself from my student and went to the bathroom and proceeded to get very very sick. After my first student left I tried to eat something to see if that would help. I finally got somebody to cover the rest of my shift and went home. Over the course of the following week I could not keep anything down, food, liquids or otherwise. After 3 straight days of vomiting I decided to go to the ER. Jt drove me to the ER at 9:30pm. We were finally called back at 12:45am and proceeded to stay there until 5:30am. After nine hours in the ER, having been stabbed 5 times to try and get an IV, and a plethora of medications for nausea and pain they had determined nothing.

Two more days of vomiting enduced a trip to my regular doctor. He gave me another shot of nausea medication, another bag of fluids and insisted that I get in to get the upper endoscopy that I was supposed to get months ago asap. I called to schedule the test the following day. Thankfully they had a cancellation for yesterday at 2:30pm. Jt was able to rearrange his work schedule so he could drive me to Elk Grove to get this test. After getting another IV (2 more stabbings) they knocked me out. I was given a mouth block thing so that I would not chomp down on the camera and they then navigated a camera down my throat into my stomach. I was semi-conscienous for the whole thing which was really uncomfortable. After it was over and Jt was back in the room (I would not have remembered the conversations had they just told me) they pronounced that I had a HUGE mystery lump in my stomach. While they were in there they grabbed out samples to biopsy but they also wanted to send me for a CT scan. The Dr. is not sure whether this lump is growing inside my stomach or outside and pushing the stomach wall in. For a doctors office that took 3 months to schedule my initial tests (and then cancel them) they were able to get me in to a CT scan very quickly. I have a scan set up for Monday afternoon. Apparently if they feel you have a life threatening sickness they speed up the tests a lot and make appointments out of nowhere.

Next week is going to be busy. Not only do I find out about my scans and the mystery lump but I also find out if I get the new job with Natomas Charter school. We will see. Keep me in your good thoughts please.

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Erin said...

Hey babe, I've been trying to get a hold of you to check up on you! Please get back to me! I love you and miss you dearly! Luv, E