Sunday, July 12, 2009

Time Continuing to Move

Life right now is very strange. I have made a million plans to prevent my current state. I have educated myself and put in the training necessary in order to procur a stable job. I actually thought "there will always be dumb people that need educating therefore being a teacher is a smart idea!" Boy was I wrong. I never imagined a budget crisis that would put hundreds of teachers out of work. I have sent out over 40 resumes to various schools and other jobs and yet I am still without employment. This is seriously frustrating. I have been offered the possibility of working as a ranch hand on a friend's ranch in Redding. This sounds like it would be hard work but ultimately very stress free and relaxing. I might actually take this into consideration.

I have no place to live still. August 16th marks my last day of housing and the first day of homelessness. I could find a new apartment but without a job I doubt that I will be much of an asset in any apartment complex. I also don't want to get an apartment somewhere and find that it is a couple hours away from the job I am eventually given. This is a highly stressful sensation, knowing that things will ultimately work out but not knowing how, when or where.

I just hope that it works out soon and I am not left in a state of uncretainty for much longer.

I have a second interview with Natomas Charter School...hopefully it goes well.

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Erin said...

Hey Babe, sorry to hear that it is not going well. Are you considering Japan as a serious option at this point?