Friday, January 8, 2010


So my classroom is really really cold. the last time they came in to check the heat with their little sensor gun it said 46 degrees. Well the maintenance department has been trying to fix my heater (an subsequently stuck on AC) for about a week. They needed to order a part so it has a very cold week. On day 2 of these escapades the maintenance men brought me a small heater. This is not nearly big enough to heat my entire room, which is huge so my TA and I have been hoarding it next to the desk because everybody else is up and moving around anyways...

So yesterday I came up with the brilliant idea to put the heater under my desk so that it would hit the desk and fan out a bit more around me. This worked like a charm. This morning when I got in my room was inevitably freezing so I tried this again. I was nice and toasty as I worked on the computer. The bell rang so I went to unlock the door. As I walked over to the door I noticed a bright red spot on my sweater sleeve. As I unlocked the door and walked back to my desk I was trying to figure out what this spot was because it wasn’t on me when I got to school. In my quest to find the source I found this mystery substance smeared elsewhere on my jacket as well…then there was a HUGE glob on my pants. Apparently in the desk drawer over which sat the heater was a bright red crayon. The heater melted this crayon and it dripped out of the desk onto my pants and subsequently got onto my jacket and smeared a lot…I now am sporting a pair of pants with a bright red spot the size of a mandarin and red smeared all over my jacket which I was able to take off….I am an idiot. Apparently a big one.

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