Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday School

At the beginning of every year the administration asks who would like to be put on the Saturday school rotation. This means that every so often you are in charge of watching the "bad" students on Saturday morning for 4 straight hours. Because I was not full time, I thought that this would be a good way to make at least a little bit of money. The first time I was up on the rotation it was really really easy. I only had 10 students and they followed directions and it wasn't that big of a deal. Well now it is a lot harder. I am currently sitting in a room full of 29 students that do not want to listen or do the work that they were supposed to bring with them. We have been here for almost 4 hours and I am not going to sucks. This is the kind of sucking that you think to yourself, "this is honestly not worth my $38.21 an hour pay. It sucks. I am honestly just a babysitter. The students are to sit silently and work. They are not supposed to talk to each other or take out any sort of electronic device. It is lame and I don't like doing it. I had never signed up before so I didn't really know what I was getting myself into.

I have a feeling by the time we get closer to noon it is going to degrade into "as long as you are not talking I don't care what you are doing" ugh this sucks.

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michelle magnusson said...

$38.21 an hour?!?! Freak! I made $10.02 an hour doing that. But, it still stinks. Good luck. :)