Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's

So I don't particularly care for resolutions. I think people resolve to do too many things and then they never happen. I always make resolutions that never really ingrain themselves into my life and then I feel like I have failed or let somebody down, or course that somebody is always me and I really don't like that feeling. So instead of making resolutions...I make lists. There are a million different things on these lists. I try to separate them based on the area of my life they deal with: personal, health,work, get the point. I like lists better because I can cross things off of them and I can get very very specific. Now mind you, this is the first year I have tried the list idea and so we will see how it works. I just know that I have always enjoyed making lists and crossing this I am hoping that this is going to stick. I will let you know.

In other news. I was playing boxing on the wii fit and my arms really hurt. Mind you I did this boxing adventure 2 days ago...I am still in pain...I think that calls for more boxing more often.

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