Friday, May 8, 2009

Addictions are Bad

It is strange the type of things that we allow ourselves to indulge in that we are know are actually bad for us. I mean we all do it to some extent: sleeping too much, drinking alcohol, being lazy, procrastinating, and of course falling in love with the wrong people. I am a classic example of this last one...however I have taken it a step farther.

not only did I fall in love with somebody that I shouldn't have...I can't make myself quit him. I mean in my head it completely makes sense. In my head I know that I should be moving forward and forgetting about all the "good" things that we had before. I know that I need to move on and allow myself to find love with another individual but my heart honestly doesn't want to let go regardless of how much it makes sense.

Learning to grow up and be mature is not easy. I wonder if I will ever make it there...I need to make it there are quit this addiction that is my ex...

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