Monday, May 18, 2009

One of those days...

so today has been one of those days that you are completely unproductive and feel like crap about yourself. I should not take these days off because yeah the sleeping in it great but the not doing anything all day long and beginning to feel like crap about yourself sucks bad. So there was that going for me today and then I made the mistake of looking at my bank account...yay 10 whole dollars! I am rolling in the wealth now! The crappiest part about this whole thing is that the morning was starting out so well and I was going to be $225 richer...and then they told me it would cost $175 to tow the car so therefore I cancelled it all and came home and have been here completely unproductive the rest of the day...seriously lame.

I did go to the store and use the last of my money to buy a few groceries...hopefully they will last me for 2 weeks. I have a feeling they will for I am smart girl and bought things that I could use...ugh I really look forward to the day that money is not a issue and I can live comfortably. That day will come right?

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