Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last Night: A Wild Roller Coaster of Events

Last night was one of those nights that you only see in movies. It was honestly like I was living an out of body experience. At first it was strange becuase I went to work and was hit with the most intense prespective ever. It was like I grew up and I don't know how it happened. After gaining this intense perspective I went to prom. That is right ladies and gentlemen I got dressed and went to prom to chaporone the craziness that is.

While I was there I talked to a colleague of mine that I greatly admire and respect. This individual is actually one of the people I would like to most be like in my life. He carries himself with such utmost dignity that is astounds me. While I was talking to him he mentioned that he had heard about my situation through the grapevine. He said he was getting ready to move back to Davis this coming weekend. I inquired why and he told me for similar reasons. We began talking about our different situations and had a fabulous and enlightening time about the differences. He told me that his break up had started back in December so they had been through absolutely every conversation about it possible. When I explained ther I got no explanation at all he agreed with Amber when she said that I deserved an explanation after having been together for so long. That was the moment I decided that it was it, I had to get answers and I had to call him out.

So that is exactly what I did. After I got home from the prom I went over and I called him at. It was a fabulously intense conversation and everything that I thought was true really was. I don't real feel comfrotable listing everything that we talked about here and it really was a personal conversation. Basically we both decided that being best friends is what we need and we both need something more. We are in a great place for our relationship and I know that we are going to be fabulous friends for the rest of our lives. Maybe if we both figure things out and we both make some changes we can be more. But he is not what I need right now and I need to move away from being in love with him and move toward loving him as my best friend.

I have a feeling that we are going to become Will and Grace...sans him being gay of course :)

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