Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recycle Yoursel: Donate Blood

So I have a really long day today. First I had a safety meeting at 7 this morning. That is right, I actually had to get out of my house no later than 6:30 am in order to make it to a pointless meeting by 7. It was very difficult to do I am not going to lie. I really just wanted to stay in my bed. Once I got here the meeting was only 20 minutes long anyways and it isn't like we discussed anything worth while anyways. What I waste of good sleeping time.

Since I was already here early and I had made copies of all of my tests yesterday I decided to participate in the school blood drive. Now I have mixed feelings about blood drives. I think that it is good to donate blood because it helps save lives and the forth but dude. I feel like the phlebodimsits need to be better trained or something because honestly the stabbing around in the arm for 45 minutes is not much fun. Thankfully I got a relatively skilled technician this time and was only stabbed a few times instead of the usual 500. Unfortunately, they were not prepared for me to be the first patient (due to my first period prep) and thus I did not spend the requisite 15 minutes in the little food grotto before leaving to teach my second period class.

The rest of my day is packed too. I have to finish teaching (which wont be bad because I have five classes: 3 of them have tests and the other 2 are continuing to watch a movie...hopefully this means I will get some grading done), pick up some cheesecake, shower and get dressed up at the parentals, move a ton of furniture from my classroom and host the murder mystery dessert we are having tonight at 7:30. I wont get home til at least 10:30. It is going to suck. Then I have to work 2 jobs tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it...

...what I am looking forward to is Friday, my first day of Spring Break!! I am going to sleep in and enjoy the wonder that is not working! :) It is going to be lovely! And since things are ok with my best friend I wont even have that stress to bum me out...ahh I am living the good life.

(on a completely unrelated note, kind of, school is almost out! Life is very nice to me right now)

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